CONFORMATION EVENTS is where purebred dogs are evaluated for their potential in a breeding program. It is NOT just a beauty contest - structure (how they are built) and movement (how well they use that structure and physical fitness) are key elements. Temperament is also a factor. A fearful dog will not be successful in the ring; they lack the confidence to properly demonstrate correct Shiba attitude. Likewise, an aggressive dog does not demonstrate the Shiba trait of calm dignity.

"Type" is the physical characteristics of a certain breed, as outlined in the Breed Standard. There is a reason for the size, the shape, the colour, the coat, the headpiece, the tail - the entire dog. Points are earned throughout the process, with the goal of becoming a Champion. Further competition to determine ranking within the breed, within the Non-Sporting Group, and amongst all-breeds can be pursued.

Breeders strive to maintain these characteristics through selective breeding, and one of the tools for doing this is competing in the conformation ring. Other tools include genetic health screening, ongoing education in genetics, applying experience.

PERFORMANCE EVENTS include Obedience, Rally, Agility, Barn Hunt, Scent Trials and many other activities where the dog's ability to perform a function and work with their owner is assessed. Shiba Inu can truly do it all - they are agile, athletic and intelligent! Just be aware that off-leash work should be done in a secure area.


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Events - August 2023

National & Regional Specialties, All Breed Shows, Theme Specialties

Alberta Kennel Club - Calgary
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