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June 16 & 17, 2017
Held in conjunction with the Nanaimo Kennel Club All Breed Shows, on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC

Regional Specialty Judge: Mr. John Rowton (USA) 
National Specialty Judge: Mr. Hiro Kamisato (Japan)

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SCHEDULE - Conformation Events

Thursday: Nanaimo Kennel Club All-Breed Show, Judge Mrs. Elaine Whitney

 Friday:  Nanaimo Kennel Club All-Breed Show, Judge Mr. Robert Whitney
Regional Shiba Inu Specialty: Judge Mr. John Rowton

Saturday: Nanaimo Kennel Club All-Breed Show, Judge Ms. Honey Glendinning
National Shiba Inu Specialty: Judge Mr. Hiro Kamisato

Sunday: Nanaimo Kennel Club All-Breed Show, Judge Mrs. Margaret Jones

SCHEDULE - Other Events

 Friday: Shiba Shenanigans: Open to ALL Shiba Inu
A Meet-Up at a nearby Shiba-safe property, where the dogs can have a good run off-leash (or not!)and the humans enjoy some refreshments and share Shiba Tales. All invited to a local restaurant afterwards (time & location TBA). Please email  for more information and directions.

Shiba Inu Canada Annual General Meeting - 6pm
Followed by:
Steak BBQ ($20, order here)
Fun Classes for ALL Shibas 
Live Auction



CKC registered Shiba Inu: Altered (spayed/neutered) are eligible to enter the Alter classes, but if you would rather just watch, you can also enter Exhibition Only. No competition, but your dog appears in the print catalogue and is allowed access inside the building (where our breed booth and show ring are).

Non-registered Shiba Inu: You are invited to join the fun! Shiba Shenanigans on Friday, Fun Classes, BBQ, and Live Auction on Saturday. Please advise if you are attending, so we can plan accordingly. 

We will have a large grooming area/breed booth available, with a nominal fee of $10/dog.

A Silent Auction will be held over the weekend, set up at the breed booth. The Live Auction on Saturday evening will have numerous breed-specific items, be prepared to engage in some competitive bidding!

How You Can Participate

Class Sponsorships - All donors will be acknowledged in the Catalogue.

Catalogue Advertising - All advertisers will receive one copy of the Catalogue at no extra charge.

Buy a Catalogue - A lasting record of Shiba history.

Donate items to the Auctions - New or gently used items (not necessarily Shiba or even dog related) are greatly appreciated!      

Thank you!


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